Risk Warning

Before getting started with Bitcoin, there are some things you need to understand like all the transactions with Bitcoin are irreversible. Buying Bitcoin will be sent to your Payucoin wallet or your own Bitcoin address. In case if you delete or lose your own Bitcoin wallet then you will lose your Bitcoin and so Payucoin will not help you to regain or restore them. For securing your wallet you need to remember to backup all before closing the system. This is to be remembered that buying and selling crypto currencies may be considered a high risk activity and in this sector the Bitcoin market is very volatile, the market price changes over time so your Bitcoin may be worth less in the future or can become completely worthless. One need to evaluate the risks associated with it and needs proper and sound judgment with these activities. Bitcoin is not an official currency of any government and so not backend by the currency of any government. Payucoin does not request nor make any representation that Bitcoin and crypto currencies are an investment plan. The decision of buying and selling crypto currencies sets entirely on the users’ own independent view or act. Don’t spend more money on Bitcoin than you can afford to lose.